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Visitors to Temple At War Military and Vintage show will experience a true taste of the past as Living History Opportunities covering WW1, WW2 and the Cold War era will be revealed and provide your family with a truly memorable day out. Be ‘on guard’ throughout the day as spontaneous and dramatic scenes will be re-enacted by our enthusiastic Groups from around the UK who are immersed in living the lives of ‘characters past’. Join in and experience the lives of a British ‘Tommy’, Red Cross Nurse, Spitfire Pilot, Land Army Girl and Home Front Volunteer.

Many of our groups have provided Historic Guidance, Acting Extras and Film Props to National Television Productions which include ITV’s, DOWNTON ABBEY, the BBC’s WORLD WAR ONE AT HOME live events, and internationally acclaimed Films such as FURY and WAR HORSE.


Cressing Temple Barns, Witham Road, CressingBraintree CM77 8PD


07907 594 307



Opening Hours

Saturday 09:00hrs - 17:00hrsSunday 10:00hrs - 16:00hrs

What People Say

“Had a fantastic weekend, the staff and organisers were absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to see you all again in 2023 ”



“Without doubt the most enjoyable and relaxed show I have ever attended. Thanks to everyone who obviously works so hard to make it the success that it is.”



“As an active-duty member of the US army and WW11 History Carnosaur I must say that this was one of the best events I’ve gone to in a very long time… You all have great respect for not just history but all sides of it whether it be Allied or Enemy. I got to hear many amazing stories and got a lot of information from some great people. The collections were amazing and the vehicles top-notch and all of you dressed up was just great. I wish there were events and people like this everywhere and everyday not just every so often especially as I am from the USA. I hope I can get back next year to see you all again. Cheers, keep history alive and thank you for a fantastic day!”



Temple At War

Best In show

Queens Own Royal West Kent


Our group was formed in 2009 by a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for WW1 History, especially the Queens Own Royal West Kent’s, the Regiment in which many of our own relatives served.

We love to attend various shows:- Military, Fairs and Fetes throughout Southern England where we can interact with the public of all generations. We enjoy talking to people about the WW1 Tommy, what he would have worn, the weapons he would have used, and the food he would have eaten, all within our period encampment. It works the other way too, we always have time to listen to our visitors and their own stories, which over the years have been very interesting and we too learn from these, (from experience very moving too).

Hertfordshire Home Guard


The group was formed in 2012 by Andrew and Mark in order to concentrate on the Hertfordshire battalion. The group currently has 14 members who aim to pay tribute to the men and women who volunteered their time and effort to help protect Britain in its ‘hour of need’ from invasion and to keep alive the memory of the largest volunteer army in history.

The group have extensively researched the history of the Hertfordshire Home Guard from local and national sources and display all the associated weapons and equipment so that a realistic portrayal is on show. Since 2012 The Hertfordshire Home Guard Living History Group have won three major show awards including Best in Show, Best Living History Group and Best Re-enactment Group.

The 10th Essex


The 10th Essex is a Military Display and Living History Group depicting the British Soldier in the Great War 1914-1918. To the smallest detail all the members are all authentically uniformed and drilled as members of the Regiment and have an extensive experience of Commemorative Marches and Parades in Europe.

The 10th Essex were the largest unit of the 2006 Somme March televised in the UK by the BBC. The group’s aim is to provide a well informed and balanced “Visual Remembrance” of those brave men of the Battalion and others who served in the British armed forces throughout the conflict”. The authentic depiction of the Battalion is the objective as well as to educate. History and learning being fun, immersive and interactive.

With no roped off areas or barriers members of the public can really get up close and personal with our living historians and their artifacts Mr Ian Hislop is the Patron of the 10th Battalion The Essex Regiment Living History Group

The garage


I’ve been displaying at Shows for around 25 years and always enjoyed the different diorama’s which added greatly to a display. I really wanted to create something unique to use as a back-drop for displaying vehicles.

We were all very proud to receive the Temple at War 2018 Best in Show Award. My friend, John and I wanted to get all our bikes together in one display and needed a backdrop.

The garage with the vintage bikes was an immediate success and has drawn good crowds of like-minded enthusiasts. The idea behind the motorcycle dealership is based on the many post-war auctions selling ex-military motorcycles and Companies like Pride and Clarke.

I came across lots of corrugated tin sheeting at a farm which was perfect and built the display by recycling scraps over 3 weekends. Our regular bikes on show include Harley Davidson, Matchless, Norton, and a selection of British dispatch motorcycles which is often added to by the appearance of motorcycle rarities. – Rick

The Firebase


The Firebase was founded in 2005 by two like-minded friends – Kevin and Kevin .

Over the years, the display has certainly grown and in 2017 The Firebase partnered with Colchester based DTW Airsoft, who supply most of the weapons that the group use. After purchasing an M35A2C Reo US Military Truck, it has become the main back drop to The Firebase display.

The group now boasts a group Sergeant and Show Co-ordinator as core members and in 2019 were joined by David and Jane with their amazingly restored period military vehicles. The Firebase display is run as a Vietnam War US Army Command Post Layout with the members own kit on display. Kevin says ‘We love interacting with the public and we are so proud to have won the 2019 exhibition award!. Thanks to all at Temple at War for the brilliant show they organise, to all The Firebase members, and to all the public for their support! The other members of The Firebase team are George, Jake, Jason and Jason.



We were completely blown away by being selected as Display Winners 2022.

“FJR3 Und Staffelstellung LHG” loosely translates as FJR3 and Support Staff/Echelon, started from scratch with our first small display in 2016 at Maple Durham, but then our application was accepted at Temple at War in 2017 and we haven’t looked back! Our season kick-starter show!

Our group is made up of very close family and friends and our display grows more each year. We all input ideas and add to the collection for some nice historically correct items and equipment for the public to look at and ask questions, not to mention all the research we do, so we get it right…. From fighting troops, to the field kitchen with real ‘on the go’ cooked food! and the  medical side, German Red Cross first aid post, which we hope will attract a wider range of public interest.

That being said, without the Organisers and public support, we and our other ‘families’ of re-enactors and historians couldn’t keep history alive! So a big heartfelt  thanks to all the Visitors and Show Organisers and Team!  Keep it going!